Things to do

Sensations provided by nature

Each cottage has its own rowing boat, by which you can explore the environment in the lake. All ponds have clear water and are full of fish and cottage owners can enjoy fish meals throughout the year. In winter time you can go ice-fishing.

All cabins (excluding Koivumäki) have a private beach, so you can take a dip in the water at any time. All cottages have also piers. During the winter season ice swimming is possible in each cottage (a hole in the ice to be ordered in advance).

The forests are made for hiking and jogging, all year long. All of the cottages have a map of the  nearby area. There are also few geocaches nearby. In the winter time, if the snow situation is sufficient, the ski enthusiasts can enjoy trails in a very varied terrain. Natural offerings for lovers of berry and mushroom picking are great. Also hunting is possible if agreed in advance.

Könnölä´s own natural attraction is the Pasque Flower


PasqueFlower is a rare and protected speciality in our area. At the moment, the Pasque Flower is found only in a few municipalities in the Hämeenlinna area, and it has been found in 85 spots. The flower blooms in mid-May before the leaves burst.

We have for rent:

Snowshoes, bikes, 2 kayaks, 2 SUP-boards

Nearby attractions

hämeen linna

Hämeenlinna 20 km

Hämeenlinna Medieval Castle has been part of the history of Finland since the 12th century. In addition to the medieval castle of Hämeenlinna the city offers stunning outdoor area of Aulanko, several golf courses and a variety of shopping opportunities in the new shopping center Goodman. For more information on area and events visit and

Iittala Outlet

Iittala 10 km

In Iittala Glass Factory area you can visit glass, jewelry and gift shops, visit the Glass Museum and enjoy the local delicacies. In the area you can find the world famous Iittala Glass Outlet and hand made chocolate -shop Kultasuklaa.


Parola 15 km

In the neighboring municipality of Hattula you can find an Armour Museum or visit the Holy Cross medieval Church, which is the oldest church in Häme region.


Pirttikoski 15 km

Pirttikoski village has  the Finland’s highest bird-watching tower by the lake Muulijärvi. Open at all times. Parking facilities at Pirttikoski school yard next to the tower. During the summer, at the foot of the tower works Pirttikoski open-air summer theater.

Other places to visit:

Valkeakoski Sääksmäki: artist Emil Wikström´s Home and Museum Visavuori.
Janakkala: children’s favorite Puuhamaa activity park.
Lempälä:shop in the retail city Ideapark.
The closest place to enjoy spa-life is in Hämeenlinna at Aulanko.
The nearest ski resorts are Sappee in Pälkäne and Calpis in Janakkala.